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Sixteen years ago, Moises ‘MoeFaroy founded a security solutions firm, eventually becoming ECLIPSE CCTV, to market his own range of branded security products. Later, he co-founded CCTV OUTLET CORP which enabled him to open a number of locations in Florida that specialized in wholesale to the trade.


Moe is part of the generation of executives that prefers to stay hands-on from start to finish whether overseeing production on the factory floors in Asia, attending trade shows or conducting seminars he is in touch with all aspects of the industry.

His passion and knowledge have inspired many innovative technologies (e.g. strobe tech, sniper IR, dragon fire IR, DVRs in safes)and niche products greatly increasing re-seller profits. His whimsically named range of DVRs – Savix, Orbix, Rappix and Nubix have quickly become staples in the product line.


In 2003 he introduced the MAX range – a high quality, low cost line of products to further enhance the re-sellers profitability.


Product development and QC are his priority. He spends extended periods in Asia familiarizing himself with, and refining where possible, all steps of production. Moe developed the quality control system ‘QC6’ - a six step process which has proven to be very successful.


He has been told that, “no one looks as carefully at video image quality as you do and most people don’t seem to care”. Moes answer: “If I do my job right customers don’t have to care. They can trust me to provide a high quality solution”. While exhibiting Eclipse solutions at a recent trade show, a law enforcement officer commented, “why can’t all surveillance video looks this good?”.

We tend to agree.


In 2014, Moe decided to change the name of his stores in Tampa FL, Clearwater FL, and Phoenix AZ from CCTV OUTLET to CCTV CORE ( “Having so many premium products we felt it was time to drop the word outlet”.


Now industry professionals have a one stop shop where they can receive the very best solutions from a true innovator who appreciates their interests.


"I am extremely grateful for my co-workers and our loyal customer following" says Moe. "Thank you for believing in me and for all your support."



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